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3Dfoamcutter with rhino4 by megaplot and McNeel

Cutting machine to buy key indicators

Cutting machine to buy key indicators

Global sales performance?

The structural design of hardware reliability?

Software control of humanity?

Degree of the use of compatible software files?

Manual or automated software to connect cutting path?


Who says cutting machine look similar but are a far cry from the structure of the software, apart from the general test machine, the

Experience with high trust in the global commercial aircraft is a key indicator of the purchase of cutting machine,

Cutting software system to support SMEs in the global cut, the

Cutting path automatically link to save a lot of human resources,

This is the general design of small companies unable to reach a point on the key.

Not only meet the manpower requirements of corporate downsizing, industrial users to further capture

A large number of lower operating costs, applicable to all walks of life cutting applications.

We offer one of the most simple and reliable cutting machine, rather than a transitional period of the experimental low-cost machines.